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On-Site and Off-Site Activities for Every Age Group

At Beautiful Minds Child Care, we make it a point to have fun in all we do! At the same time, we want to make sure your child is learning all the time. Whether we're learning letters, doing puzzles, singing songs, or visiting a local farm, your child will always be engaged in some kind of learning activity. By making learning fun, the kids stay active and get a head start on preparing for school.

Weekly Themes

Each week, Beautiful Minds has a different theme to guide our curriculum and learning activities. These themes cross over into all of the age groups and cover important learning topics like colors, letters, safety, weather, diversity, and more.

Educational Field Trips

Every month, we like to break the kids out of their daily routine and take them on short field trips outside of the daycare center. This is important for adding variety to their schedule, showing them new and interesting creative ideas, and letting them explore new sights, sounds, and smells. Places we may go include a local farm, the Wagner’s Bowling, a local park, or a movie theater.

Field trips are generally for kids in the 3-year old classes and older, but the little ones will get out for short walks in the neighborhood, too!

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