Especially For New Parents

We know it's hard to choose a daycare provider for your child, especially when it's your first! Here are some of our most frequently asked questions from new parents to help you choose the right child care center for you and your child. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us!

I want to make sure my family's values are a good match for your facility. What is your operating philosophy?
Your child is usually in care for several hours per week. Our child care is not “babysitting”. Although we emphasize fun and play, we incorporate learning into these activities. We discuss manners, social skills, humility, having a positive attitude, and exploring our environment. We encourage open discussion with the children to help develop their thought processes and children are encouraged to try new things to expand their view of the world.
What are your rates? How do they compare to other facilities?
Our rates are very competitive and are less than many other child care centers. We also accept state child care assistance to help make child care more affordable.
What are your policies, as far as scheduling, making payments, building security, etc.?
We ask that those parents whose schedules vary to let us know their next week’s hours on Tuesdays so we can complete our staffing schedule. Because of our extended hours we are able to accommodate a variety of work schedules with either 3 or 5 day per week care. A detailed policy book is given to all parents when they enroll.
How do I schedule a tour of your facility?
Call us at 715-834-4360 to schedule a tour.
How do I submit an application to enroll my child?
You can complete an interest form online, and an enrollment packet can be picked up at the center.
What type of assistance is available for low-income families?
We work with the WI shares (W-2) program which provides child care assistance for low income families.
Do you accept part-time enrollment?
We offer a 3 or 5 day care option depending on your needs. Since we are open 5 days per week, you may use a combination of weekdays if needed.
Do you accept rotating scheduling?
Yes, we ask you submit your work schedule by Tuesday for the following week, so we can complete our staff scheduling.

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